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Peace of mind you have found the only specialist comparison site for funeral plans. We have partnered with Defaqto to ensure you have as much information as possible before you buy. So we'll make sure you'll choose the right funeral plan to take the stress away from your loved ones.

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Why Protect Your Family?
Protect Your Family only compares funeral plan providers who are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy provider.

Organising a funeral can be a stressful, emotional and expensive task. No one enjoys attending a funeral let alone arranging one - which is why funeral plans were created. A plan allows you to decide on how you would like your funeral to be conducted after you’ve gone and relieves some of the emotional and financial pressure for your loved ones.

In fact, Protect Your Family was devised and created after its founder experienced the burden of organising the funeral of a very close family member. The cost, the considerations and the strain it put on him and his family added to an already difficult grieving process. With no funeral plan in place, he quickly realised that had a plan been taken out, everything would be much simpler.

But where would he go for a funeral plan? There are well-known and respected providers in the market, but they all offer different products at different prices. That’s when the idea for Protect Your Family was borne.

Protect Your Family is simply an independent funeral plan comparison, which allows you to decide how you would like your funeral to look - from the number of cars you want to take you and your family to the ceremony to what kind of coffin you would like. You can then compare the costs, payment options, and benefits that come with each plan, as well as handy star ratings to help you decide.

You can also rest assured that the plan you are buying is from a trusted provider, as Protect Your Family only compares funeral plans from companies who are regulated by the Funeral Planning Association.
Knowledge base
There are a few things to think about before you go ahead and check out the funeral plans available. Here, Protect Your Family has provided you with some factors to consider before making your funeral plan choice.

Do you live far away from your family, and how far will the funeral directors travel for the ceremony? Do you want a minister or celebrant, and you might even need to consider whether you’ll want to be embalmed or not? It's difficult to think about, but these are all important decisions to make before choosing a plan.